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Pleasure Survey

Prompt: "How do you experience pleasure? You may take this in whatever way you see fit. For example, how do you pleasure yourself, if at all? Do you enjoy it? How do you feel?"

  1. I love my vibrator, definitely worth the investment! I used to be really frustrated when I would masturbate because I couldn’t ever achieve orgasm, this became a problem during intercourse with my partner too. After buying my vibrator though I became so much more confident sexually, I’m finally able to orgasm now and it’s amazing. I feel radiant and empowered when I masturbate now. Especially when I’m on my period, it relieves my cramps, cures headaches, and it helps me feel beautiful on my bloated, sluggish days.

  2. I don’t generally do it for myself , it’s not as fun i guess ? I find pleasure more in the intimacy of being with and close to another person

  3. If I pleasure myself I feel empowered by it, but I also feel that way if my boyfriend goes down on me very empowering in itself also, in the moment it feels as though we are one in a way not sure how to describe it, it’s better than sex itself is when you get someone to go down on you it’s the intense moment of satisfaction. It’s almost coming in a way!

  4. I experience pleasure with my husband. I do not like to pleasure myself, I would much rather him do it. I feel embarrassed and ashamed whenever I do it myself. Not really sure why. But when my husband does it, I feel fine and turned on. Otherwise I just feel weird and gross if I do it myself.

  5. I have a whole drawer of fun toys. I can only orgasm from clit stimulation so I have a few vibrators and a rabbit. I also have 3 dildos (all different sizes and materials) cause why not. My toy collection grew specifically when I started selling nudes and videos on the internet. I enjoyed and played often so why not make money on it? So I do. I mean who doesn’t want to make money off of enjoying yourself? It’s pushed me to experiment more and be more open to things. Really deciding what I like and what gets me off. It’s wild how men (I say men cause all my clients are men) react to these things. I have these men wrapped around my finger begging to see my mediocre puss. I have such power over them and I never understood the power of being a woman until I started doing amateur porn.

  6. When my boyfriend and I have sex it is the most meditative experience for me. Every worry drops away and i experience everything in the moment and when we’ve both climaxed we lay with each other panting, stroking each other’s hair slowly, and feel love, relaxation, laugher, and peace until the real world come backs to us.

  7. I find alone time with myself is far more enjoyable than with a partner. I feel I can be vulnerable and exposed without any judgement or anxiety. While I'm confident in my body, I feel others are not. So I feel like their insecurities are fixated on what should be mine. For example: a man with a hairy back is likely to look at a woman's body for hair due to him being self conscious about his own hair. Being alone allows me to be the best me I can be for myself and I truly enjoy it more than being with a partner. Even if I tell a partner what I want, how I want, it never works out that way.

  8. I think that learning about my body (and my vulva) is a really important factor in pleasure. I've always been willing to try new things and explore, and that in and of itself is a pleasurable exploration (even if the actual new sensations aren't always precisely pleasure-inducing). I guess you could say it's the 'try anything once' mentality, and allows me to find new ways to experience my sexuality and open myself to new horizons. I do pleasure myself, and have a healthy relationship with this aspect of myself. Sometimes I watch porn (typically amateur/homemade, none of that "professional" stuff), and almost always use toys (primarily a vibrator - but sometimes I will also add a penetrative aspect as well via another toy or fingers). Every experience is different, but knowing myself and how my body works makes me a more responsible person both for my own health and for the health/safety of others who I experience sexuality with. I do enjoy it, and it makes me feel alive, and in tune with my body. I strongly feel that my quality of life is improved because I have very few "hang ups" about my sexuality or the way that my body/vulva functions as a means of achieving satisfaction and pleasure.

  9. I use my hand, although I much prefer rabbit vibrators and hitachi wands because I have an impenetrable fortress of a cooch. It's nice and a lot of the time it helps me sleep.

  10. I only ever have the desire to pleasure myself about a week before my period starts. During that one week I'll masturbate almost every day, a few times even, and then for the rest of the month I'll do pretty much nothing

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