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Hair Survey

Prompt: "How do you take care of your pubic hair, if at all? Does the feeling of hair bother you, or influence how you take care of it? Have you or do you shave for others, such as a partner?"

  1. Totally hairless. Due to personal preference! I typically have oily and sweaty skin (thanks Italian genes) so having little to no hair “down there” makes for much easier care, and honestly helps with any natural odor that may or may not be made worse if I chose to not shave. I have been asked by my significant other to “grow it out” to experiment, but I’d really rather not, and haven’t!

  2. Shave

  3. I just wash with water. I used to shave, I tried a lot of different “styles” but I started growing out my pubic hair a few months ago and I love it.

  4. Usually I’ll trim or shave frequently in the summer, and I do it much less in the winter. My skin tends to have bad reactions to shaving (especially in that area) so I got long periods of time without shaving it and I’ll just trim.

  5. I'll do a few careful passes with a separate razor every time I shower

  6. I genuinely cannot stand the feeling of hair, so I often shave the area. Of course, shaving too much can become painful; I limit my shave to about once a week. I consider myself to be a decently active person, and I find it very uncomfortable for me to have hair down there. Whether it bother me to think sweat gathers in it when working out, or how it irritates me when I feel it’s presence as my legs rub against each other and notice the hair- the presence of hair simply makes me uncomfortable. I don’t consider shaving to be “sexy”, to me it’s just a necessity to feel comfortable in my own body! I find peace in saying peace out to the hair down there!

  7. Only high key maintenance is when I know I’m going to do something sexual but other then that if I don’t shave for awhile I only shave around to keep it clean looking! For myself I feel if that area is kept up and shaved it boost my confidence!

  8. Shave every day, not really for anyone else just because I prefer it that way.

  9. I have a tiny pair of scissors that I use to trim hairs that are a little too wild (i.e. poking outside of my underwear), other than that I don't mind the hair all that much. I don't use any wild vagina soaps cuz they're actually not good for you and they can throw off your pH balance.

  10. I have absurdly sensitive skin. I barely shave my legs much less my puss. I trim to keep things tidy but I generally let it do it’s thing. When I have shaved, I spent days with ingrown hairs and painful hair growth. It stopped being worth it. I stopped caring because whoever was with me should want me hair or no hair you know? Selling nudes on the internet, I get sought out for it. I was always so self conscious about it but now It’s become a selling point and I’m proud.

  11. I usually let it grow and occasionally trim it and about once to twice a month I shave it completely bare.

  12. I shave my pubic hair completely. This started as a means of staying more hygienic (due to extremely heavy/clotty periods), and is now something I do because it makes me feel most comfortable and is most aesthetically pleasing to me.

  13. There have been a couple times where I shaved 100% of the hair I had. I hated it because I felt like a weird mix of a Barbie and a toddler. It made me feel really uncomfortable. Now when Im grooming I just shave my bikini area and trim the rest if it’s too long leaving a nice little triangle.

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