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Vulva is Not a Dirty Word is a series of work that focuses on the vulva and the experiences of those who live with one. The goal for this body of work is to provide knowledge to others through a means that is more interesting than research or reading medical text.


Throughout many months, individuals were able to submit anonymous responses regarding their experiences while living with a vulva. These individuals were asked several questions: “How do you experience your menstrual cycle? Do you pleasure yourself? How do you manage pubic hair, if at all?”. The responses gathered were raw, personal, and emotional. These responses inspired prints, embroideries, books, and even a pair of ‘wearable vulva’ earrings. Through this work, I was able to explore a fine art approach while still incorporating elements of design. The result was a series that combines educational purposes with artistic methods.

Click a piece below to see the work and to read each response that was received.

Morning Pleasure
This Month's Cycle
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